DIY Driveway Maintenance Tips and Tricks: Save Money and Time 1

DIY Driveway Maintenance Tips and Tricks: Save Money and Time

A clean and fresh driveway is a surefire way to make your home look better. However, maintaining your driveway can be a challenging task. Potholes, cracks, and stains can take away from the beauty of the property and harm the curb appeal of your house. Fortunately, with a few DIY driveway maintenance tips and tricks, it’s not difficult to keep your driveway looking great. In this article, we will discuss some tips that will not only save you money and time but also ensure a pristine driveway.

Clean and inspect your driveway

The first step to repairing and maintaining any driveway is to inspect it for any issues and clean it. Start off with a simple power wash, using an appropriate detergent for concrete or asphalt. This will take care of any dirt and built-up grime. After the wash is done, start the inspection. Thin cracks can be treated with crack sealant to prevent worsening. Bigger cracks or potholes will require a more drastic solution such as filling with asphalt patching compound. Aiming to make these repairs before winter arrives is crucial to prevent any further damage.

Avoid harm from ice melts

When it comes to winter, ice melts are common to use. However, they can lead to considerable damage to your driveway. This is because the salts and other chemicals that melt ice can seep into cracks and erode the underlying pavement. To avoid any further harm, use products that are sodium chloride-free or calcium magnesium acetate (CMA) instead. A plus point of CMA is that it is not harmful to pets or plants either.

Regular Sealcoating

Sealcoating is a coat applied over your driveway after cleaning to prevent any more damage such as cracks, potholes, and more. Not just that, it gives your driveway a much fresher appearance and it is waterproof, which protects it from any damage from water accumulation. By a DIY driveway sealcoating job every 3-4 years, you can potentially save hundreds of dollars.

Keep heavy objects off the driveway

Though it might seem like common sense, heavy objects can a notably harm driveway. Cars that are too heavy may damage the surface if parked in one spot for too long. Weighty vehicles should be parked elsewhere, or if necessary, moved around at frequent intervals. When moving or removing any heavy objects, be sure to use a dolly or support them on a piece of wood or another suitable object to prevent any harm to the driveway. We’re committed to providing a rich learning experience. For this reason, we recommend this external source containing more details on the topic. asphalt cold patch, investigate and discover more.


A clean driveway is a crucial component of home curb appeal and maintenance. By performing the above-mentioned DIY driveway maintenance tips and tricks, you can save time, money and create a better appearance for your home. By keeping up with these tips, you can guarantee that your driveway stays in the best condition for years to come.

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