Preparing Your Home for a Move: Tips and Tricks 1

Preparing Your Home for a Move: Tips and Tricks


Moving house can be a great opportunity to declutter your home, getting rid of any items or furniture that you no longer need, want or use. To make the process more manageable, start decluttering weeks before the move, tackling one area of the house at a time. Create three piles: keep, donate and discard. It’s possible to make money from selling items online or hosting a garage sale, or you can donate to charity and discard any items that aren’t usable anymore.

Categorizing Items

When packing, categorize items according to their use and importance. Fragile and valuable items, like family heirlooms or jewelry, should be packed carefully and placed in a separate carrier. Label each box properly indicating which room it’s destined for and inventory the contents of each. It’s a good idea to group items together, like books or kitchen ware, to save space and make unpacking more organized.

Preparing Furniture for the Move

The good news is that furniture can be moved without too much hassle, whether you’re doing it yourself or hiring a professional moving company. To make it easier, disassemble any furniture that can be taken apart, and wrap the individual pieces in protective material such as bubble wrap or newspapers. This includes removing drawers and shelves, taking the legs off tables, and unscrewing bolts and pegs. Also, it’s a good idea to cover all large furniture pieces with blankets or moving pads to protect them during the transit.

Change Your Address and Utilities

Changing your address is easy with the United States Postal Service’s online change of address form. Complete the form at least two weeks before your intended move. You’ll need to let your utilities know as well so that they can disconnect your current services and connect your new ones. Some of the utilities that will need updating include water, electricity, gas, internet, phone and cable services. Contact each service provider to inform them of the pending move, and provide them with the new address and date. Don’t forget to also change your address with your bank and credit card companies.

Prepare the New House

Make sure that your new house is move-in ready by cleaning and inspecting the property before you move in. This means scheduling pest control, cleaning services, and any home repairs or renovation work that needs to be done. Check that all appliances, light fixtures and plumbing are in good working order. If your new house requires any major renovations, like painting or flooring, it may be best to conduct the work before moving in, especially if there are significant build-up or construction dust. Locate additional details about the subject within this recommended external source. Visit this helpful guide, continue your learning process!

By following these simple steps, you’ll be ready for your move and make the transition smooth and stress-free.

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